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Hmmm...the pink on her armor is faded in this scan but every time I try to adjust it, something else goes out of whack. Oh, well. Here is a cel from one of my all-time favorite childhood anime series: 'SF Saiyuki Starzinger' AKA 'Spaceketeers' (part of the whole 'Force Five' set brought to the states in the early '80s). If you are thinking the character designs look familiar, you may like to know this series was done by the great Leiji Matsumoto of 'Starblazers' fame. I loved Cogo (Jesse Dart) because he was hot-headed and reckless and had one mission: to protect his Princess. Aw...And I liked the way he said "Astro-baaaaat!" when he pulled out what was surely the coolest weapon since the light saber. ^_~