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Hey! I just passed the 2-year anniversary of the opening of my site! Big huggies to the Kid for teaching me the beauty of HTML, cut-n-paste-style!

Please don't make me list all the cels I just updated. >_< I never thought I'd say it, but Rubberslug is sounding kinda good right now. We'll see. I am running out of space on this site so I have to do something. The goodies? Well, check out CB, Macross, Lupin, Escaflowne, and CCD to name a few. I need to go lie down now. @_@


Woohoo! Update! Please check out the following: AnC, Bt'X(new section), Cowboy Bebop, Jubei Chan, Lupin, Nightwalker, Sailor Moon, Tennimon, Escaflowne, Voltron (in the Old School category), and Misc. section (Gawl OP). Enjoy! ^_^


Okay, kids. Hang on to your knickers...the first update of the new year is a doozy. The following sections have been updated: AnC, CCD, FY, Gundam series, Lupin, MCK, X/1999, WK (new section), and Misc. (Inuyasha & unknown cel). Also put some cels up for sale. Please take a peek! ^_^


Smallish update: 2 Cowboy Bebop (including a movie setti cel), 1 Macross Plus, 1 CLAMP Campus Detective, and 3 Mon Colle Knights (guess which character?!). Have fun!


Another small update: 2 Brainpower'd (new section), 1 Kite, 2 Lupin, 1 Metropolis, 3 Mon Colle Knights, and 1 B'tX (in misc. section). Please enjoy! ^_^


Smallish update this time: X/1999, Mon Colle Knights, Jubei Chan, and in the Misc. section: Aya from WK and Rock from Metropolis. I also put up pictures from my trip to visit JP (japester) in the About Me section. Enjoy!

7/22/02's good to see my cel collecting has diminished now that I have less money to play with. *pause* NOT! LOL...check out AnC, CB, CCS, KITE, Lupin, Miyazaki, Utena, TNN, VHD, and Esca to name a few. Whew! Also, my omake of Tama in the FY section is autographed - check it out!


Smaller updates = less stress at computer. That's what I keep telling myself. Sigh... But joy! New cels: Spike from CB, Tuxedo Mask from SM, Kiyone from TM (in miscellaneous section), AND Max and Misa in my brand-spanking-new Macross section. Whee!


As foretold, this update is DEFINITELY smaller: 1 Alex cel from AnC, 2 Umi cels from MKR, and 1 Cogo/Jesse Dart cel from Spaceketeers (located in the Old School Anime section). I also have been fiddling around with the site in a desperate attempt to keep myself busy since I am *trying* to cut back on my collecting. LOL...


Well, as much as I love this hobby, I'm afraid this is my last big update for awhile. Yes, it's true: I moved, I have more bills piling up, and I just can't afford to collect like I used to *sniffle...sob...BAWL* But I'm okay. I'm not out of the running altogether - I will still be around buying cels...just in a much smaller way. Sigh. ANYWAY, please check out AnC, CCS, FY, Gundam, Lupin, NW, TNN, Escaflowne, Trigun, Yaoi, and Misc sections. Whew!


Well, I can't say this update is particularly spectacular, but I do have some lovely cels that I have been hanging on to for awhile for various reasons. I have also rescanned a few cels with new backgrounds. ^_^ Many thanks to Emily and Celga for my plethora of BGs! Please check out CCS, Escaflowne, Old School Anime, and the Miscellaneous sections to see my goodies!


Barely into the new year and I am updating already! ^_^ *yawn* It's past my bedtime, so I will merely say please check out new cels and sketches from Escaflowne, Ayashi no Ceres, Trigun (new section), and Elementalors (Misc. section). Thanks for looking!


Merry Christmas fellow collectors! ^_^ They said it couldn't be done, but here I am a whole week before the new year and I already updated! Okay, okay - so it is only a few cels. But I make up in quality what I lack in quantitiy. Please enjoy new cels from CCS, CCD, Cowboy Bebop, and Voltron/Go-lion to name a few. Please note I have put up a new section (Miyazaki) for my lone Ghibli cel and also I redid the "Old School Anime" section to make it a bit neater. A safe and happy holiday season to all...


Oh my update! Contrary to popular belief, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. But in a series of mishaps that could only befall me and mine, I have been rather...occupied with life in general. I returned from vacation in late September to discover: my computer was not only infected with a most interesting and pesky virus, but it was also shutting itself off in random protest or something. Well, spent a little money and a lot of time fixing most of my comp problems. THEN came the family troubles that I will not bore you with (but the outcome was lots of money going far far away from me). And finally, on a happier, yet even more financially draining, note: I purchased one of 3 ultimate dream cels. <big cheesy grin>. It's winging it's way over here as we speak and I'm sure I'll splash it everywhere when it arrives. So, for now enjoy! The sections that are updated have been marked since I gave several shows their own page.


Well, just a small update this time kiddies. I have several cels on the way, but had to show off my goodies from the Taro cel as well as a couple of others I am particularly proud of. Check out CCS, Escaflowne, CCD, and the Misc. section! Shitajiki section is still defunct and will remain so until I get more space for the old hard drive.

Just thought I'd update now before the mad show and tell that will occur when Taro's sale stuff starts to arrive - although I myself only bought a couple of things because I have such willpower. Not. Just got there too late :(  Anyhoo, enjoy - I have updated CCS, Escaflowne, Jubei Chan, and the Misc. sections. Also started to set up my shitajiki gallery when I was brought face to face with yet another problem - no more space on my hard drive. Sigh. Time to upgrade (rats - more money diverted from cels)!

Well, finally an update! Thanks to everyone for being so patient and special thanks to my little bro who fixed all my stupid errors. New cels can be found in Card Captor Sakura, Clamp Campus Detectives, Escaflowne, and Misc. sections. Enjoy! Hopefully when I get a big chunk of time I will put up part of my shitajiki gallery and tinker with the site some more.

Hello everyone. Irasshaimase! Well, the cel gallery is FINALLY up. Don't ask how long I have been working on it - I am ashamed to admit it! The layout is very basic right now, at least until I become more knowledgable in HTML. So, please enjoy and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I haven't stamped any of the pictures, but I will if I see them on anyone else's website. So please respect my wishes and do not steal my images. Comments and critiques are welcome.