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Bee-yew-tee-ful ocean, perfect weather, and lots of beer. My idea of Heaven.


Well, technically, this is a clear picture. OF MY TOES. Go me and my mad camera skillz! Pink, sandy toes, indeed.


Our lovely and colorful motel right on the beach! The Island Inn in all its glory...


Our true home away from home: the Wanna Wanna bar. Maria pretends to be sober. Ha!


Ah, time for a spot of lunch. Served at the bar on the beach. I am home. ^_____^


While we were boogie-boarding, we neglected our things and the result was ugly. Yes, that's my towel under all that sand. Eep!


And, finally it's time to go. Sadly, all the pictures of me have that damn flash of light. Clearly, I am an angel and thus cannot have my photo taken. *snicker*