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Gimme, gimme!

Okay, here is the wishlist in no particular order:


1. Cowboy Bebop
   - Shirtless Spike from Episode 1 <roar!>
   - Serious, sad, angsty Spike
   - Any Spike/Viscious fight scenes from Episode 5

2. Card Captor Sakura
   - Toya & Yukito, especially any shots of Toya holding Yukito
   - Yukito & Sakura, especially pictures of him protecting her
   - Yue & Toya or Yue & Sakura
   - Toya acting brotherly to Sakura (ie carrying her on his back, etc.)

3. Vision of Escaflowne
   - Any shots of Allen from the opening, especially the close up profile or Allen throwing the flower *ACQUIRED*
   - Allen with angel wings from early on in the series, when Hitomi wonders if he is the man in her visions.
   - Movie Allen as he is falling from the ship and drawing his sword.
   - Wet Van (from either the rescue scene in his mecha or the bridge scene)
   - Van sitting with his sword resting on one shoulder (profile), either from TV or the movie
   - Not dying to have but would like any good shot of Amano looking hunky (I have seen some freaky pics of him - yuck!)

4. Trigun
   - Sad, emotional Vash *ACQUIRED*
   - Shirtless Vash
   - Shirtless Wolfwood. Woof!

5. Old School
   - Keith (Akira) from Voltron (Go-Lion)
   - Jesse (Cogo) and Princess Aurora from Spaceketeers (SF Saiyuki Starzinger)

6. Clamp Campus Detectives
   - Opening scenes of all three boys in their detective coats
   - Utako in her 'My Fair Lady' dress *ACQUIRED*

7. Jubei Chan
   - Any warm and fuzzy scenes between Koinosuke and Jiyu
   - Koinosuke in the doghouse or on the playground with Shiro

8. Rurouni Kenshin
   - TV or OVA shots of Kenshin drawing his sword
   - Any scenes of Kenshin holding Karou

9. Revolutionary Girl Utena
   - Movie Touga, shirt optional!
   - any scene of Saionji, Touga, or Utena pulling the Sword of Dios from Anthy
   - any of the duellists with their swords or roses visible.

Cels I will never be able to afford but want anyway so if you are willing to take payments, her goes:

1. Last Unicorn cels
2. Miyazaki cels, especially Whisper of the Heart (Mimi o Sumaseba) and Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime)
3. Secret of NIMH cels, Justin by himself or with others *ACQUIRED*
4. Deedlit (OVA) cel or Deedlit (TV) opening cel from Record of Lodoss Wars


1. Kiki's Delivery Service: 0591EV (Kiki sitting on some steps with a book in her lap) *ACQUIRED*
2. My Neighbor Totoro: 0488G (Totoro and the girls at the bus stop, in the rain)
3. Samurai Troopers: 0891 (boys in traditional clothing against a red background)

*there are also some Sailor Moon promo boards I am looking for but they have no codes so until I attach some pictures of what I am looking for, I won't ask for them*